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Conveniently located in the Marketplace Shopping Center between Bishop Ranch and Windemere, and serving San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, and the East Bay region since 1989.

Conveniently located in the Marketplace Shopping Center between Bishop Ranch and Windemere, and serving San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, and the East Bay region since 1989.

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Everyone was so kind and patient. I had to try on 3 different contacts and get help to make sure I could put them on. I felt like I was taking up their time but, they reassured me that I was important and wanted me to be comfortable, happy and, know how to use my new contacts before I left. From beginning to end very kind and thoughtful.

D.B. January 23, 2020


I’ve been a patient at SR Family Optometry for 27 years and continue to be delighted. Loved my experience with Optician Megan Bryner following my son’s exam. She was one of the most efficient opticians I’ve had the pleasure to work with, while still provid[ing] all the information I needed and swiftly moving through options. What has literally taken 2hrs in the past was a swift 50min visit to the SR 𝘍𝘢𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘺 Optometry office.

C.G. December 2019


The San Ramon Family Optometry is like family. My husband and daughter started to go there five years ago and I'm now going for the health of my eyes and overall vision. Not only does the practice offer a wide array in frame selection, they are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Patient and caring, they truly allow you to voice your concerns with eager ears for listening. They always greet their customers/patients with a warm greeting and smiling faces and really do make you feel you are being cared for with your best interest at heart. Thank you so much!

A.P. October 15, 2019


Been coming here for years, always a great experience. Staff is friendly and efficient, large selection of frames. Saw Dr. Francisco (optometrist) and Melanie (optician) today, both are excellent.

R.K. July 2019


I love, LOVE this place!  It's tucked away in the back of Marketplace.  They always get me in the same day if I have a serious issue. The docs are young but really know their stuff.  Very thorough and super friendly. I would HIGHLY recommend SR Family Optometry!

V.M. June 27, 2019


I have been going to Dr. Wong for at least 6 years. I originally found her when my employer stopped offering Kaiser and I could no longer use their facility. As an adult, I never had a dedicated eye doctor. Haha, the downfall of your parents no longer making your doctor's appointments for you, haha. At Kaiser, I would just take whoever was available when I needed to make my yearly appointments. I'm glad that my employer switched from Kaiser because I was able to find Dr. Wong. She is so kind, knowledgeable, caring, helpful, and has a wonderful memory. I know it's a doctor's job to know their patients history, but she also remembers personal details we talk about. She definitely likes to get to know her patients and makes you feel at ease and comfortable. She never rushes through appointments and takes her patient's health very seriously. In fact, I eventually went back to Kaiser after switching jobs and I still continue to go to Dr. Wong. I always recommend her whenever anyone says they're looking for someone new.

Her staff have always been so polite, friendly, helpful, and lovely to talk to. They are extremely knowledgeable and definitely give amazing customer service. I worked with Vanessa and she was wonderful!! I had to get new glasses and contacts and she was never pushy when I wanted to use my old frames that were only a year old. I had barely worn them, so I didn't feel like getting new frames. She began to complete my order, but then she let me know my insurance will give money towards new frames. I said I would stick with my old ones. However, then I started asking questions and I ended up deciding to get new frames. She showed me different styles and asked me questions on what my usual style and taste was and even encouraged me to try a new style. She told me what she liked and didn't like and was very honest with her opinion when I was trying on each pair. She chose all the frames on what she thought would look good. We narrowed it down to three pairs and I actually ended up going with the one I never would have picked for myself. That was the new style she recommended I try. I wouldn't have ever bothered to try it on and that ended up being my favorite. She really took the time and didn't rush the process. She was also very personable and made sure to explain each item and step to me. She also fixed my old pair so I could wear them while I was waiting for my new glasses to come! I really enjoyed working with Vanessa and she is an exceptional employee!!

T.M. June 22, 2019


We've been coming here for five years. The full spectrum of optometry services means we get everything we need in one stop. The staff are amazing and we always have fun with them - and fun picking out interesting frames from their selection too.

J.W. June 2019


I had a great experience here. This place is the best when it comes to getting your prescription. They are clean and the service is outstanding. Staff is friendly and attentive. They have a big selection of glasses and they are very knowledgeable. I placed an order for my glasses 7 days ago and I was able to pick them up today. Highly recommend them!

A.B. April 26, 2019


Had a GREA[T] experience with San Ramon Family Optometry. I can’t ev[e]n remember my last eye exam and the nurses and Dr. Mah were so thorough and explained everything along the way.
Melonie, was a HUGE help picking out my new glasses. She went through all the frame details and what markers she was looking for in a frame to fit my face and style.
Got the whole rest of the family scheduled for updated eye exams.

R.S. April 2019


The only place I have ever gone for optometry needs. They are very professional and friendly. You will be treated with the u[t]most care and top-notch skill.

You will never need another eye doctor again.

A.W. March 4, 2019


I was impressed by the kindness and efficiency of the staff. I had a very thorough exam and selected the most beautiful glasses.

M.A. February 21, 2019


Very nice and accommodating staff.

Was a patient here a long time ago and decided to return to them, as they are very good at what they do!

Office hours are great, and available to you on Saturday's.

I highly recommend Dr. Maggie Francisco, she's very nice and knowledgeable.  Quick and efficient on my visit.  She recommended a good pair of contacts and so far I'm liking them.

Thank you!

T.N. February 6, 2019


I'm glad that I was able to see Dr. V. Chiu. She's very patient and accommodating. She did her best to satisfy patient's need. Thank you Dr. Chiu for your time to see me multiple times in order for me to see clearly and feel comfortable on both of my eyeglasses and contact lenses.
Also, i've been so lucky that I was redirected to Ms. Sherry Barsoum (Optician) She knows what she's doing, very knowledgeable and accommodating as well. Too bad I didn't see her for my eye glasses ( the girl that I saw for my eye glasses seems in a hurry and didn't explain well my insurance benefits). Ms Sherry explained everything to me including contact lenses benefits. [G]lad that [s]he helped me out at the front office to explain my contact lenses benefits and made sure that it was covered. Wow! I'm very impressed for both Dr. Chiu and Ms. Sherry. Will definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Great customer service as well.

E. U. January 27,2019

Found this place on Yelp, it was my first time here. I had a hard time finding the place based on google maps direction and had to call the office to realize it was the plaza behind the grocery store. The person who answered the phone was very helpful. When I arrived I was greeted by friendly staff. Waited a few minutes and was called in for my exam. My husband was scheduled for an exam also and we brought along our 18 month old son. The staff was very accommodating especially since this little guy will not sit still. The customer bathroom didn't have a changing table but they offered me to use their employee one. They had a cute kids play area while my husband looked for frames. They have a wide selection of frames. Also Dr Wong was very thorough with our exam and extremely knowledgeable. I would definitely be back next year.

K.W.- June 29, 2017


Dr. Smith has always been caring and informative. She has always directed me in the proper direction.

M.B.- June 1, 2017


Amazing and wonderful! Dr. Wong was wonderful to my kiddo and David did an amazing job getting her fitted for her first pair of glasses! Bringing the rest of the family in shortly! 🙂 Thank you!

A.C. – April 8, 2017


I have bought glasses at San Ramon Family Optometry repeatedly and have found the staff to be extremely competent and friendly.  I love their wide variety of frames and  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable optometrist.

J.H. – April 6, 2017


They were very patient & wanted to help not only find my best look but something that was in my budget. I was treated like family. I highly recommend.

R.B. – April 4, 2017


Dr. Wong has been wonderful to work with!  The office is very nice and the staff are super helpful and kind.  Dr. Wong always answers my long list of questions, and makes me feel well cared for.  I highly recommend Dr. Wong and San Ramon Family Optometry if you are looking for an optometrist in the San Ramon!

M.D. -  April 4, 2017


I came to Family Optometry when Dr Wong joined the team.  I could not be happier with their service. Dr Wong worked tirelessly until I was satisfied with the correction, put me into Crizal progressive lenses, and for the first time in years, my vision is better than just ok. I have both reading and distance corrections that work without any effort on my part. Jasmine got the frames and coatings just the way I wanted them. Plus, she did all the insurance work and blended my insurance plans to make it affordable. The contacts they fitted me with were likewise perfect.   Thank you Family Optometry

M.A. – March 13, 2017


As usual, this is the best Optometrist around!

L.H. – March 9, 2017


David, you are the five stars for me - what an asset to San Ramon Family Optometry you are.

K.T. – March 2, 2017


Best Doctors & Staffs are very friendly:) love Dr Victoria Chiu , she is our family eye doctor.  very professional with her work

A.T. – March 1, 2017


I have gone to San Ramon Family Optometry for years and have been very happy with their service.   A couple of years ago, I got a pair of progressives that my eyes couldn't tolerate.  They took them back and had them fixed without any questions asked.   I have also gone here for a medical visit for a sty that made my entire eyelid swollen and very sore.  The drops that were provided cleared this up pronto.  When it came back about a month later, the doctor actually just had me poke in for a recheck without an appointment but  I was there just to pick up my glasses.  Thank you Dr Fong!!   Then, earlier today, I just popped in and asked if there was anything that could be done for a pair of glasses I just picked up about a month ago and the frames hurt the bridge of my nose within minutes of wearing these glasses.  Rhonda came to my rescue and replaced the nose pads to dissipate the pressure.  She was not only efficient and knowledgeable on how to alleviate the pain when wearing my new glasses, she was also so extremely friendly and so willing to help.   Well, my new glasses are now exactly what I had wanted and the pain is gone.  Thanks so much to Rhonda for her expertise!!

L.F. – January 13, 2017



Great service, good people. Very helpful and easy to talk to. They have a great selection of glasses to choose from and are very helping when you're not sure what looks good on you. The staff is eager to help and they are always attentive to your needs. Dr. wong is great and super nice, she feels like someone you can easy talk to and get great care from. I highly recommend you stop by and check them out!

J.S. – January 5 2017


I can't really think of any way to improve. Dr. Chiu has always been amazing and I keep returning because of her! She is always friendly and patient, listens to any questions and concerns I may have and always takes the time to explain things to me. She is the best!!!

R.K.- January 2, 2017


Dr Fong was excellent. Thorough, kind and patient, he did an excellent job. I will be requesting his services for my next appointment.

A.D. – December 24, 2016


The front desk staff was excellent. I was on the waiting list for an appt and Lori was great at getting me in before the end of the year!!

K.B. - December 21, 2016


Dr Fong was excellent-efficient, caring, informative and kind.

L.H. – December 4, 2016


Excellent. We will definitely return for our future eyeglasses needs.

M.H. – October 29, 2016


Dr. Beverly is so thorough , knowledgebale and helpful- thank you!

J.E. October 13, 2016



Everything is great! Dr. Wong was friendly as always and Brianna at the front desk was charismatic and very knowledgeable!

J.C.- September 28, 2016


I have in the past been seeing an opthamologist because of family history of eye problems. I was very impressed by the thorough exam provided by Dr. Chiu, and especially by the Optomap, which she took time to explain to me. I felt very well informed. I also liked that Dr. Chiu did all the tests to determine the right prescription for me. With my previous provider that part of the exam was done by a technician.

P.C. –September 11, 2016


This place has great service, many eyeglass lines to select from and well trained staff.  I wanted to write this review for the recent great customer service that was extended to me. I had picked out a pair of glasses that were actually a pretty bad choice for the shape of my face and was really unhappy when I picked up the glasses. Called them the next day and was asked to come back with the glasses. Jasmine, the optical manager, was extremely helpful, fit me with much more appropriate frames and only charged a minor restocking fee.  I have always had great service at this location but this time they went out of their way for my mistake. It's so great to receive customer service like this and highly recommend their office!

C.B. – September 3, 2016


Dr. Bev Smith far exceeded my expectations as a dr. She proved to be a VERY loving and genuine person and went beyond her job description to help me. I cannot describe how grateful I am for her.

T.B. – September 1, 2016


I fell in love with Future Vision optometry in Pleasanton. Dr. Wong and Jasmine were professional, warm and friendly. They just moved to San Ramon. Dr.Wong is the new owner of San Ramon Family Optometry. I visited due to sudden headaches, the Dr. Was thorough in her exam and patient with my questions. She really expressed concern. She determined 1 eye changed prescription so she gave me free trial lenses to try. Worked perfectly!!! Today I returned for the ck up and I finalized the order. Fair pricing for product. Jasmine (AaaaammmmaaaZING!) checked my insurance and saw I hadn't used a frame benefit this year. I'd forgotten! I asked for in-plan frames and she pulled about a dozen in colors, shapes and sizes...all viable and cool. Thanks to her extensive insurance knowledge I was able to score much-needed computer glasses for a great price which maximized use of my vision insurance. Score!!!!! Its obvious the office is in transition with the new owner. I saw new natural sunlight LED lighting, warm paint and environmental change to create a back office for lab staff. They seem excited to build a similar client-focused office as they had in Ptown. You can tell many more changes to improve flow, services and decor are on the way. They appear tuned to see the office experience from our perspective as we approach and enter for services. It's exciting to anticipate seeing the new vision and mission take hold and bloom.  Ps...New staff, New Doctor = good experience.

I.W- August 16, 2016


David was so kind and helpful in selecting frames - - he made the experience fun and was able to check my (3) frames back into shape also. Thanks everyone!

J.C. – August 13. 2016


High level of care, everyone on the phone and in the office is very friendly and helpful. I'm impressed with the level of care/diagnostics/machines. Dr. Fong is great, very thorough, explains everything wonderfully, and answers all my questions. Having a 12:00 appointment REALLY helps with my schedule 🙂

A.K. – August 5, 2016


Four words that describe my experience with Dr. Wong and her team at San Ramon Family Optometry: HONEST -|- TRUSTWORTHY -|- THOROUGH -|- CARING I was really saddened to hear that Dr. Wong had moved from Pleasanton into San Ramon because that meant a longer commute to see my optometrist; however, after my experience in San Ramon I know that trip was well worth it.  I appreciated that upon arriving I was greeted, signed in, and prepped on par with my appointment time. The staff was friendly and considerate. I was recently in a pretty serious car accident and my glasses broke on impact so I needed to get a new pair. Dr. Wong and her staff did everything they could to work with me. Dr. Wong is always thorough with her eye exams, more thorough than I experienced all my life going to local optometrists in Los Angeles. I appreciated that she wanted to make sure that all was good with my eyes after my accident. After my exam, picking frames was efficient and I found the perfect pair! It was also great to hear that they were having a sale! I look forward to seeing her again in the near future and would highly recommend San Ramon Family Optometry and Dr. Wong to anyone who is looking for an optometrist in the Bay Area.

D.R. –August 3, 2016


This review is long overdue. My family and I moved to San Ramon about a year ago. Earlier this year, we had to find an optometrist, and came across San Ramon Family Optometry and Dr. Chiu -- they accepted our vision insurance, and are located close to my fiance and my work places. I came early for my appointment, and spent some time looking at the large selection of frames, as I wanted a new pair of eyeglasses. After a few routine tests and health questionnaire, I paid an extra $25 out-of-pocket to opt out of dilation, and instead doing the less invasive Optomap - that takes photos of the inside & back of your eyes. Dr. Chiu explained what she saw in my photos, and even said she could send them to me to have a cool photo. I didn't take her up on that... but the image is stored in my file so she'll be able to review and compare them next time if any changes happen inside my eye. My eyeglasses came a week earlier than expected, which was good since I lost my glasses months ago. I was finally able to see! When my fiance went in for his appointment, a few weeks later, we discovered he has a floater, when we looked at his Optomap images. It's a really cool thing to see what the doctor sees.  We both got our contacts prescription, as well as eyeglasses prescription, and Dr. Chiu was so patient with my fiance, since he never used contacts before and has always been really nervous about anything (fingers, foreign objects) coming close to his eyes. I really enjoyed the quality service at this place. I've been to many eye doctors before, but Dr. Chiu made it a really great experience. Looking forward to seeing Dr. Chiu for future appointments. She already made a great impression with our daughter, and they talked about Disneyland and all the Disney characters to make her feel comfortable there as well.

R.Q. – June 8, 2016


Quality care and exceptional customer service.  Dr. Jue-Smith is the best Optometrist I have ever encountered. Although she has a very busy office and schedule, she takes time to make sure the patient is informed and choosing the best frames for his/her needs.  Most Optometrists speed you through the exam and are eager to pass you over to the front office staff.  She worked with the optician to make sure she understood what would work best for me.  You can tell that she cares more about the patient than just making money. The opticians are knowledgeable, helpful, and take the time to make sure you are happy and informed.  Very impressed with my experience and I highly recommend San Ramon Family Optometry.  They even provide a one year guarantee that covers scratches.

P.L. - June 5, 2016




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