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Since 1989 Comprehensive Vision Care Meets
Style and Precision

We have been here for a long time. We understand the importance of your eyewear needs, acknowledging the dual dimensions—the medical side, requiring high quality technology for the best diagnosis & the well-being of your eyes, and the personal side, understanding the impact of glasses or contacts on your daily life.

Our response—medical knowhow paired with curating extensive designer eyewear for all styles, accompanied by a wide selection of contact lenses. Experience a warm, personal touch as our commitment to top-tier eye care sets us apart as your trusted partner in maintaining optimal eye health. Your experience with us goes beyond just seeing better; it’s about feeling better too.

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Looking Great Starts With an Eye Exam

Did you know that not all eye exams are created equal? First off it starts with investing in the most current eye exam technology—this we believe in.

Secondly, our core value is to place emphasis on discovery by doing comprehensive eye exams. San Ramon Family Optometry prioritizes the length of eye exams, ensuring thorough evaluations to detect any issues early on.

Our warm and professional staff ensures that your eye exam experience is not just routine, but an essential part of your overall well-being.

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Contact Lens Fittings

Explore the world of clear vision with our expert contact lens fitting services. Our professionals guide you through the process, ensuring precision and comfort. Discover the freedom of clear vision with contact lenses tailored just for you.

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Feeling Digital Eye Strain?

Perhaps it's headaches or neck pain? Neurolenses are custom-designed to correct the misalignment caused by prolonged digital device use. We tailor these advanced lenses to relieve the specific symptoms of digital eye strain.

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Why so Many People Trust us for their emergency Eye Care

Since 1989, the eye doctors at San Ramon Family Optometry strive to provide each patient with quality vision solutions and exceptional customer service. In moments of unexpected eye concerns, you need a reliable emergency eye care partner. At San Ramon Family Optometry, we focus on promptly addressing eye emergencies, ensuring you get the immediate attention you need.

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Pediatric Services: Nurturing Young Eyes

Our commitment to family vision health extends to the little ones. We enjoy doing pediatric eye exams, ensuring early detection and intervention for potential issues. We understand the importance of a child-friendly atmosphere, making eye exams a positive experience for children of all ages.

More on Pediatric Services +
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Myopia Control For Kids

We focus on services like myopia management for kids and other pediatric eye care. Your child needs every bit of help they can get, don't let their eyes hod them back—it is important in the growth and success of your children.

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Senior Eyes Deserve More

Glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration don't have to be scary words. We pride ourselves on making early diagnosis and manage your eye conditions effectively. We prioritize your health and ensure the longevity of your vision.

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I'm thankful to have my eye care with San Ramon Family Optometry. My recent experience in having to choose eyeglasses, order them and receive them with Sherri was amazing. Her attention to detail, personal touch and being an advocate for a holistic pleasant experience in getting fitted with the right glasses for you is outstanding! Thank you Sherri!
1 week ago
- Shanthi S.
young lady wearing sunglasses in San Ramon